Why defending it?

The biological variability is an irreplaceable resource for our Planet and is essential for the survival of living species and, therefore, to maintain the complex balances that are established between species and between species and environments.

Man is a component of biodiversity and uses the so-called ecosystem services that it offers, such as food, water, energy and resources for our daily life.

Biodiversity is therefore a heritage and preserving it must become a priority for humanity. Many states had committed themselves to significantly reduce biodiversity loss by 2010, which is why in 2010, the year of initiation of the EC-SQUARE project, was proclaimed by the UN the International Year of Biodiversity.  

Unfortunately, 2010 has passed without that there has been a reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss at a global level, and indeed the situation continues to worsen. The new deadline was set for 2020 (http://www.cbd.int/sp/): let's all do so that this time the result is achieved!
Protect biodiversity from the dangers that threaten it is our duty, but it is also the best investment we can make in our future.