Preserving squirrel habitat

Conserving and restoring habitats suitable for the survival of the red squirrel is a useful action which, however, must necessarily be synergic to controlling activities of the grey squirrel. The American species is well adapted to the habitats of the deciduous forests of the Po Valley and improving the food availability of the environment for the red squirrel can favour also the spread of the grey squirrel. For this reason, actions to conserve habitat can be developed only in areas where the grey squirrel is absent or where it has already been removed.

The project will elaborate guidelines for the management of forest ecosystems, in particular for increasing food availability for the red squirrel and the reduction of forest fragmentation , guidelines for the reintroduction of the red squirrel will also be produced (C.4 Actions and C.5).
Where squirrels are present in populated areas, in particular analyzing the situation in Liguria, guidelines will be drafted to favour the presence of the red squirrel in urban parks (Action C.6).