Preserving local habitats

The health and proper functioning of the planet we live on is sustained by biodiversity, or biological variability, the whole of the living organisms. Biodiversity is a heritage of us all, and for this reason, preserving it must become a priority for humanity.

Man is the species that most modifies the environments and is responsible for the alteration and destruction of ecosystems. The destruction of habitats is the primary cause of the loss of environments and species extinction. The introduction of alien species, with the consequent ecological imbalance that is often created, is considered the second greatest impact factor.

Action is possible and in many cases necessary if we want to halt the loss of biodiversity. The scientific experiences show that it is possible to intervene, adopting prevention strategies and in some cases removing particularly damaging invasive species.

We can all do something: the protection of biodiversity depends on the awareness and cooperation of all of us and our behaviour can make a difference. Help us to make everyone more aware of the damage created by invasive species and prevent the release into the environment of exotic animals or plants.