DG Sistemi Verdi e Paesaggio, now DG Ambiente Energia e Sviluppo Sostenibile of Regione Lombardia is in charge of protected areas, biodiversity, Natura 2000 network, landscape and forests. Through the system of regional protected areas, the regional government promotes conservation projects and/or reintroduction of species of flora and fauna, improvement of natural habitats and supports the dissemination of biodiversity issues and knowledge of the Natura 2000 network. The Department is actively involved in several LIFE projects for biodiversity conservation, including, LIFE ARCTOS for brown bear conservation and LIFE TIB for the implementation of the ecological network.


The participation of the Region of Piedmont in the Life project involves two Directorates: DG Agriculture , responsible for the management of wildlife in areas not subject to protection, and DG Environment , which is responsible for the management of wildlife in protected areas regional. The DG participates in the LIFE project ECORICE on environmental restoration of some rice-growing areas and the maintenance of cultivation techniques that favour biodiversity. The two DGs collaborate actively in the project management and protection of the wolf in Piedmont.



DG Environment of Regione Liguria manages protected areas, Natura 2000 and biodiversity. It promotes projects of restoration of the natural environment and the promotion of Natura 2000 network and is involved in several Life projects: In addition to EC SQUARE  projects aim at restoring the biological continuity of aquatic ecosystems (LIFE PARC ). DG Agriculture also collaborates in the project.



The Unit of Analysis and Management of Environmental Resources (UAGRA) of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences of University of Insubria (Varese) conducts research in the zoology and ecology and in the field of management and conservation of rare or endangered species. UAGRA participated in the Working Group "Wildlife Management in the Parks" of the Region Lombardia and has contributed to the definition of the "Regional Programme for the conservation and management of Wildlife in Protected Areas". In the international context UAGRA coordinates and participates in research projects regarding wildlife conservation including, in particular, in recent years, EU-funded projects aimed at the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Africa.



The DIVAPRA, Department of Exploitation and Protection of Agricultural and Forestry Resources, is part of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Turin. The Department has several lines of research in agriculture, forestry and protection of ecosystems and species The Entomology and Zoology unit is responsible for more than twenty years of conservation of native species and the management of introduced species.


The Department for the Study of the Territory and Its Resources is involved in several LIFE Nature projects, including, in addition to EC- SQUARE, LIFE PARC for the restoration of biological continuity of aquatic ecosystems and LIFE ARION for the conservation of dolphins.



Istituto Oikos srl is a company that operates in the field of conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Istituto Oikos provides consulting and services for the protection and management of the environment, integrating the objectives of sustainable use of natural and cultural resources with those of the socio-economic development and the use of modern methods and tools for the integrated analysis of the different components of natural systems.



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