One of the fundamental aspects of the project is the development of tools that allow a greater dissemination of knowledge about the value of biodiversity and the role of native species in forest ecosystems.

EC-SQUARE dedicate part of the project to education activities for children in elementary and middle schools in the regions of interest of the project (Action D.2).

In the sections of this site "downloads" and "competition" you will find information on the activities with schools, including:

  • a competition for schools;
  • a brochure;
  • an educational kit for schools including promotional material and an educational game on the conservation of the red squirrel.

In addition to activities for schools, the project aims at a wider communication. The activities under EC-SQUARE will be filmed and a television quality documentary will be produced, to illustrate the value of biodiversity, to introduce a greater knowledge of the red squirrel, illustrating the risks due to the presence of the grey squirrel, and more generally to the introduction of non-native species (Action D.4).