One of the most important aspects of the project is to raise awareness, communicate and disseminate information related to red squirrel conservation problems.

If the value of biodiversity is a common value, then it is also important that the knowledge of issues related to the introduction of the grey squirrel, and more generally all the non-native species is as broad and shared among citizens.

The project includes strategic activities, the establishment of a communication plan (Action D.1). Through this plan strategic messages of the project, the methods and tools for communication will be defined.

In addition to this website (Action D.3), the communication will comprehend roundtables, conferences, technical publications, press releases, posters, brochures and other information channels.

The Communication will also take account of the social perception of the problem, as estimated by a survey aimed at checking the status of knowledge to the public about red squirrel conservation issues, and the attitude towards the grey and its management (Action A.4). You will find more information about meetings, events, products and materials on this site.